At SanaTech our vision is to become the UK’s best web and domain hosting provider. We also provide advertising services via our reputable web directories, established since 2007.

We are proud to be British and the services we provide are completely UK based. Your domain and website will be hosted from a top of the range and secure facility located in Manchester. The data centre has four on site generators installed, which provides full capability to sustain long power outages.

A top of the range system is in place to provide early detection of smoke, so that any potential fire is detected by the onsite team before it develops further. In the extremely unlikely event that a fire does develop, a fire suppression system is also in place.

Security at the premises is provided 24/7 with offsite backup to deal with a major event.

CCTV cameras, motion detection and a key fob access system ensure multiple layers of security within and around our data centre.

The facility houses onsite 24/7 technical support for fast onsite response in the event an issue occurs.

Our SSD powered storage is centralised in a highly available 10Gbe Storage Area Network (SAN).  This not only makes our storage and network a lot quicker, but also means that you're no longer reliant on the physical machine on which your web hosting or VPS runs.


Our OnAPP cloud hosting cluster controller monitors all cPanel hosting services day and night, and if it detects a failure of any critical hardware, it will automatically move your hosting onto spare hardware.


This all happens so seamlessly that you won't even notice, and our engineers would then simply replace the failed hardware with no impact on your web hosting, VPS or e-mail services.  We're so confident that it works, that we guarantee your hosting won't drop below 99.99% availability.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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