January 17, 2018

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  • UK Web Hosting – Sanatech Web Services

    At SanaTech our vision is to become the UK’s best web and domain hosting provider. We also provide advertising services via our reputable web directories, established since 2007. We are proud to be British and the services we provide are completely UK based. Your domain and website will be hosted from a top of the…

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  • Append text to a column within Excel

    Example 1: You would like to append \ to the data in column C, starting at row 2. (The column may include a path such as \\SERVER\SHARE and you wish to add a \ ) The command is: =CONCATENATE(C2,"\") This will add \ to the end Example 2: You would like to append the data…

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  • 2012 R2 servers hanging on welcome screen

    You find that your windows 2012 servers are hanging on the welcome screen for up to 5 minutes before they finally login. Investigate whether this is due to one of your domain controller's causing the issue. Logon to a 2012 server and click start and click run, type %logonserver% and click ok to determine which…

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  • How to add Avaya 242 option into DHCP Server

    You're migrating/building a new DHCP 2012 server and find that 242 option does not exist within scope options. Here is how to add: 1) Launch DHCP 2) Expand DHCP and right click IPV4 3) Click 'Set Predefined Options' 4) Click Add 5) Type in details Name: 242 Avaya Data Type: String Code: 242 Description: Avaya…

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  • Recall Whats App Messages

    Good news, the Facebook owned messaging app (WhatsApp) have finally rolled out a great feature which allows Whats App users to delete or recall a message within a conversation. No more embarrassing moments when you accidently send a message to the wrong group. You can now delete the message and the below message will appear when…

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  • Unable to update WHMCS

    When you attempt to update WHMCS, you receive the below messages: Unable to Perform Automatic Updates Automatic Updates require the escapeshellarg function to be available in PHP. and The following PHP functions must be enabled for WHMCS to be able to fully function as intended: escapeshellcmd Resolution: 1) Access your website cpanel 2) Locate and…

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  • Installing SQL 2014 on Server 2012 CORE

    You must be thinking that installing SQL on a CORE server is going to be tough, due to CORE being mainly command based. You will be glad to know you can install SQL with a GUI Two options: 1) Amend the drive letter below as required. The below command will launch the SQL interface wizard…

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  • Windows Core: Move Page File via PowerShell

    You have configured a Windows Core Server and the page file resides on disk C. You would like to move it to Disk P Run the below commands one at a time. If copying and pasting the commands, you may need to reenter the " if any of the commands error. Also, if you receive…

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